Is coconut oil safe to use as lube cams

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is coconut oil safe to use as lube cams

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8 Jun There's a secret ingredient in FORIA, a lubricant designed medical marijuana that is blended with MCT or coconut oil (Great for staving off yeast infections!) to create a viscous, slippery, toy-safe, and vagina-safe product. Privacy Notice · Your California Privacy Rights · Interest-Based Ads · Terms of Use. (b) The lubricants are used on food- processing equipment as a protective antirust Methyl glucoside-coconut oil ester identified in § (a) of this chapter be safely used as components of polyolefin film intended for use in contact with Substances Umrtahons — - For i«se at tew* cam s not to e*o sets 10 pen sot by. 17 May Silicone grease tends to be rather expensive and so its use is limited to Most lubricants needed in the home shop are based on mineral oils.
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Is It Safe to Use Coconut Oil as Lube? - Health
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